Lately, my girl have this phlegmy cough that keeps her awake at night. She would vomit out phlegm with milk on a nightly basis. The western medicine from PD doesnt seem to be helping her much.

Based from word of mouth, I was recommended to try Shandong TCM. Just after 1 session of massage, nose spa, back heating and topical medicine. We see an improvement in her condition. Her smiles returned the next day.

She is still recovering from the cold. I feel that TCM is effective in helping reduce the severity of the symptoms.

Furthermore, the Chinese physicians working there are friendly and has tools and strategies to keep the child engaged and cooperative during the treatment. 

J Xiao

February 2020


N Koh

January 2020

Very effective in treating cough and colds for my infant and toddler kids. Can actually see a big improvement within the day after their tuina even before taking their medicine.

My son also seems to have lesser occurrences of cold hands and legs as well as better general health after a few treatments for poor appetite.


Strongly recommended as an option for all parents to consider.


I have seek treatment for a month long persistent cough for myself before and recovered after a few days of medicine.

W Cheow

November 2019

I have unexplained bleeding gums and I can't sleep well. I am so glad that I found Shandong TCM. I had some medication and I can sleep better. Thank you  Zheng Yi Shi and thank you Shandong TCM.

T Huang

September 2019

Skilful and caring Physician

H Lua

July 2019

Baby massage helps my baby cough and mucus reduce, just one time I can see the result. it's my first time there!

K Lin

July 2019

My children has cough and flu.. the treatment suggested by physician includes nosespa, I.e. breathing the medicinal steam vapour follow by massage. After 2 times of treatment, there is significant improvement. Will definitely come again.

A Phua

July 2019



June 2019

Brought my daughter for weekly tcm session. 

Manage to speed up her recovery after getting nasty bugs from childcare and thereafter build her immunity! 
Thankful for the helpful and friendly staffs from shandong tcm. My Daughter takes the 药粉 well too.

Y Chua

May 2019

Went twice and find 郑医师 very helpful and genuine in wanting to help.

H Tsang

Oct 2018

Great massage service for kids.

J Cai

Oct 2018

Neck was stiff and hurting for over a week. Saw Facebook reviews and decided to visit Shan Dong TCM. Was given acupuncture and recovered within a day!

E Oh

Oct 2018

I was having bad spinning spell when I get up from chair or bed, and to the point when I change position. I thought it was my bp, but it was stable. I was beginning to move in slow motion due to the spinning spell. Decided to see Dr 郑 instead of gp. She said it's vertigo. Gave me acupuncture. Was better and told just take 3 packet of herb to brew and drink as effect will be faster. And praise God, indeed my spinning spell was gone!

C Tan

Jun 2018

My second-born falls sick (fever, cough, nose congestion) easily ever since he was born. It got more frequent since he started childcare at 18months old - fever every 2-3weeks and many times he had to be on nebuliser. His fever was always on the high side, sometimes up to 41dc. In January 2018(he was 2y3m), I felt that my son cannot go on taking bottles and bottles of medicine which hardly helped. On a friend’s recommendation, we decided to try TCM at shandong. Our first visit was when my son was having a fever, he did gua sha and tui na n it was very effective, his fever went down gradually and stopped over 2 days, along with other symptoms. We continued to visit weekly for tuina over the next six months, even when he is not sick, for maintenance. Since then, my son only had fever twice(compared to twice a month) and it was mild fever that went away quickly. He still gets the occasional cough n flu but they are a lot milder than before he started TCM. I am also very happy to say we have been off the nebuliser ever since! Really relieved that my son’s health is much better now. Other than being effective, the doctors and therapists are also very friendly and nice, making every visit a pleasant one. Thank you Shandong!

L Siew

Jun 2018

I went to sunset way when my eldest child was a baby to locate the clinic after my aunt’s recommendation as 郑医师 had helped my Cousin to improve his immune system 20 over years back. I was so disappointed that I couldn’t locate this clinic and worst, my mum couldn’t remember the name of the clinic.

With the power of FB and parent’s group, some mummies recommend this clinic for baby and children tuina. I went and verify with 郑医师,this is the clinic that I had searching for for 7years.

My child had Hyperthyroidism and was diagnosed at the age of 6. She been following up at KKH and taking medication. No improvement at all. My first visit to Shandong was actually for my kids’ flu. I told 郑医师 about the Hyperthyroidism that my child had. She looked into my eyes and told me that she has the confident to cure her. I was like 半信半疑 as we had went to a very famous TCM in the east (YxGxx) for 1.5years but no improvement at all. Since I was already at the clinic, I told 郑医师, I am ok to try.

We started to see 郑医师 when my child was 7.5yr old. And at the age of 9, KKH blood test reveals positive results for us. And my child is now off the medication from KKH. Regular blood test is still required. Thank you 郑医师 and team!!

P Tan

Mar 2018

Amazing tcm! Did some acupuncture treatment on my backs and cure my back aches instantly. While western doc just give me pain killer and said nothing they can do.

C Fung

Jun 2017

After several visit, my girl immune system much better, even occasionally cough & flu recover very fast. Love the tcm all are friendly. Thanks again 郑美丽医师.

M Ng

Feb 2017

Great thanks to Physician Tee & her team of pretty saviours who relief my lo (little one) from pain and discomfort. Assisting and allowing me to maintain a good level of Bm (breast milk) so that my lo can benefit and grow healthy. While everyone is praising my lo (little one), I sincerely appreciate the great works of these ladies.

J Ho

Jan 2017

I started experiencing sharp pain in my right knee for 2 days before it aggravated to the point that it affects my sleep.visited the western doctor twice for injections. After which,I went to the hospital for x-ray and the doctor says I do not have arthritis. Finally I came to shandong tcm for treatment, which is about 3-4weeks after the onset. I underwent acupuncture and took Chinese herbs for 2 sessions and diligently applied salt, onion, rice, garlic and ginger on my knee (as told by Dr tee). Now my knee has fully recovered.

J Chin

Oct 2016

My son has severe motion sickness, blocked nose and throbbing headaches. I brought him to Dr Tee for treatment during the last week of June holidays. After a few sessions of acupuncture and medication, he has fewer episodes of headaches and is now able to enjoy car rides. Kudos to Dr Tee and her staff.

G Poh

Jul 2016

My daughter is having bad cough and flu for three weeks since 17 Jun 16 and fever up/down and on/off. I have bring her to see English doctor. The medicine did not work but get worse. I have also bring her to see other chinese doctor but it does not work well too.

Finally I bring her to Shan Dong TCM for TUINA (Child message) on 5 Jul 16. After TUINA (child message), her cough immediate reduce to 50%. She is able to sleep well throughout the night without any cough. It is miracle that TUINA work well for her. I am glad that she can recover fast with the help of TUINA and some chinese medicine.

I recommend that you can try TUINA (Child message) when you child is having cough/flu/fever. It will help and recover fast.

J Lee

Jul 2016

My children had sinusitis triggered by allergies. After going through the nasal inhalation treatment (中药液雾化治疗) at the clinic, their condition improved greatly. We rented the inhaler from the clinic and carried on the treatment at home for a month. The medication proved to be effective for them. Acupuncture by 郑医师is painless and swift. The staff at clinic are warm and friendly, always ready to answer questions.

J Ng

Jul 2016

Very experience and good doctor. My kids have been sneezing and coughing continuously in past half year. After seeing this doctor after one time treatment, can see a very significantly good results..

N Chan

Jul 2016

To : Doc Tee Bee Lay

Our family wishes to express heartfelt appreciation for the kindness and excellent for helping me to able have baby 11 years ago.

Today, these monster have grow healthy and well that bring joy to my our family. 

Your's kindness and excellent will be greatly appreciated as no words can express our joy and happiness that you have create for our family. These can only shown in our family photo.
At the same time, can you also help us to express our appreciation to your staff.
As mention good doctor like are hard to find.

At the same time, not to forget with your kindness for saving our daughter when she detect by KK Hospital that she high protein. Through your professional and excellent skill that cure her high protein level and save her.
We hereby thank you for kindness and excellence. Wishing you and your family is good health and happiness forever.

C Oh

Jun 2016


Y Koh

Jun 2016

My Son have headache for a Long period of time, however after many sessions of western medication, it has not helped. After coming here for 3 acupuncture sessions, His headache has now recovered.


Jun 2016

There are not many TCM like this one. Genuinely concern abt the health n well being of her patients. I have been to many famous western doctors n various tcm. They r not able help my strange sickness. I thought i am gone. But shandong said it can be helped. The willingness and confident to take the challenge gave hope n peace. Todate i am happy n well under their care. The doctors also constantly expose, research, update and upgrade their tcm skill. Excellent experience.

J Tay

Jun 2016

I had been having acne and pimples problem since 16 years old. Been taking antibiotics over the last 25 years. One of them is Roaccutane 10mg which almost damage my kidneys. Even though I am in my 40s, I still have some breakouts occasionally and have to take the antibiotic on low dosage. It seems like I have to rely on medication forever cos' the pimples will come back the moment I stop taking antibiotic.
So I decided to get help from Shandong TCM, after a few rounds of herbal tea prescribed by Physician Tee, my problem is resolved and I am officially out from my dependancy on antibiotic. It's been half a year since I took the last herbal tea and stopped antibiotic for a year, my face is clear from pimples. I am very happy with the result especially when I know I do not need to depend on antibiotics anymore.

P Wong

Jun 2016

Great improvement in my daughter's concentration after half year's of acupuncture and powdered medication. Surprisingly, my daughter did not complain of much pain.

S Oh

Apr 2016

Very caring doctor. Aches and gastric problem much better after meds and acupuncture. Very convenient that they have powdered form of herbs to mix with water and drink but serious issues will still call for the traditional boil down type of herbs.

J Lim

Apr 2016

Everyone is friendly . My son immune system is better now.

R Tay

Apr 2016

I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2009. The doctor from hospital told me that it's a chronic disease with no cure. I will have frequent diarrhoea ( 6-8 times daily) and this caused me to lose weight drastically from 78kg to 41kg within a few months. I was reduced to a bag of bones.The western doctor's only relief for me was to prescribe steroids to control the frequent diarrhoea. Losing all hope in western medicine, I seek alternaltive treatment at Shan Dong TCM. After less than 6months of consistent acupuncture and medicine, I recovered enough to pick up my studying again. Although I still have Crohn's Disease and it will relapse when I'm under great stress, it is now under control with consistent tcm treatment. I gained back my lost weight and do not have frequent diarrhoea anymore.

F Gian

Jan 2016

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