Frequently Asked Questions 


Q: It is my first time visiting the clinic, what do i have to bring for registration?
A: Please bring along birth certificate or NRIC for registration.

Q: What details do I need to provide to register for my subsequent visits?

A: You may either provide: 

     1. The mobile number used to register during the first visit

     2. NRIC number

     3. Card number

Q: Can I book an appointment?
A: Yes, you may book an appointment via our website, or make a call to the respective branch.

134 Branch: 6564 6335

Vision Exchange Branch: 6560 0535

Treatment and Medication Matters

Q: Can I feed my child before the massage?
A: Yes, it is recommended to ensure your child is not hungry before the massage. However, kindly inform the physician or therapist if your child had a heavy meal right before the massage. 

Q: I am taking other medication. Can I also take TCM herbs or medication?
A: Please inform the physician if you are on other medication.

Transport Matters

Q: Is there parking around or in the building?
A: Yes in Vision Exchange branch. 134 Branch has limited HDB parking in a nearby multi-storey carpark.

The parking charges for Vision Exchange building are:
                   $1.30 for 1st hour ( From 12am-6pm)
                   $0.30 for subsequent 15 min
                   $2.50 per entry  ( From 6pm-12am) 
                   10 min grace period

Q: How do I get here by public transport?
A: The nearest MRT and bus interchange from both clinics is Jurong East station.

Payment and Claims

Q: Can I pay with NETS/Credit Card?
A: Yes, you may make payment by NETS in the 134 Branch. However, at the time being, credit cards are not accepted.

You may use PayNow, iBanking, PayLah! or Alipay to make payment in both branches, check with counter.

Q: Are you certified by Ministry of Health?
A: Yes. All our physicians are certified under the Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners Act under MOH.

Q: Can I claim for insurance or company medical benefits?

A: It depends on your insurance or company policy. Most major insurance companies now insure TCM treatments. Please ask the counter for an official receipt for your claims.

Q: Are your Medical Certificates recognized?
A: It depends on your company or school policy on MCs issued by TCM physicians.
Please inform the physician beforehand if you require an MC.

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